Dark Matter


Original Title: Schilf

Paperback, 384 pages, 11.8 x 18.7 cm, 4.6 x 7.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-442-73806-9
€ 10.00 [D] | € 10.30 [A] | CHF 14.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: btb

Date of publication: April 6, 2009
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Rights sold to: France (Actes Sud), Korea (Minumsa)

Juli  Zeh - Dark Matter


A loving detective, a deadly misunderstanding and the darn state of the world

Sebastian can be more than satisfied with his life. Perhaps he has given up a little too much of his physical talent in favour of his family. His old friend Oskar, also a genius of theoretical physics, sometimes reminds him of this. When Sebastian drives his son to summer camp, he suddenly finds himself in a nightmare. The son is kidnapped, and he will only get him back when he commits a murder ...

"You hold the book in your hands like a precious gem, full to the brim with surprising insights, beautiful sentences, poetic images and skillful dialogues. No doubt about it: Juli Zeh writes wonderfully." Amelie Fried

"Zeh constructs an impressive matrix of information for each of her key players and provides descriptions that are vivid and original ... Her often unexpected imagery is precise and pithy ... this philosophical thriller is well paced; one turns the pages impatient for the denouement." Times Literary Supplement

"Juli Zeh's new novel Dark Matter combines crime novel, love story and physical speculation."

taz (19.07.2019)


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