South of the End of the World

Where night lasts four months and -50°C is a warm day: My year in the Antarctic

Original Title: Südlich vom Ende der Welt

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Hardcover with jacket, 304 pages, 12.5 x 20.0 cm, 4.9 x 7.9 in.
ISBN: 978-3-453-28135-6
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Publishing House: Ludwig

Date of publication: August 10, 2020
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Carmen  Possnig - South of the End of the World


Freezing, uncomfortable, stunningly beautiful: a year in the coldest place on the planet

A return trip to the South Pole is an impossible dream for many of us – but the medic Carmen Possnig did just that. On behalf of the European Space Agency, she spent a year in the heart of the Antarctica to find out what it's like to live in extreme weather conditions, with a distinct lower level of oxygen and in complete isolation from the rest of the world.

With twelve other scientists, she spent the winter at the Concordia research station in the eternal ice. There, she not only encountered the breathtaking beauty of the most extreme continent on Earth, but also her own limits: Sharing a tight space with other people for twelve months, in a world that remains dark for months on end and where the temperature drops to -80°C, requires a huge physical and mental effort.

Carmen Possnig's personal and witty travel report, and its wealth of photographs, opens up a window onto an alien world – making us marvel at our planet's diversity, and at how adaptable human nature can be.

"This book describes personal discoveries and experiences. [...] While reading this, one gets the impression that this is the final adventure of humanity."



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