My Colourful Cutout Book – Animals

Cut them out, colour them in and stick them on

Original Title: Mein kunterbuntes Ausschneidebuch - Tiere. Schneiden, kleben, malen ab 3 Jahren. Mit Scherenführerschein

original edition

Recommended age group: 3 +
Paperback, 64 pages, 21.0 x 26.0 cm, 8.3 x 10.2 in.
ISBN: 978-3-8094-4151-9
€ 5.00 [D] | € 5.00 [A] | CHF 7.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Bassermann

Date of publication: October 28, 2019
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Nico  Sternbaum - My Colourful Cutout Book – Animals


Toddlers create their favourite animals

Learning how to cut things out, stick them on and colour them in are three basic skills which kids aged 3 and older can learn with the help of this book. Nico Sternbaum provides simple animal motifs such as cats, chicks and hare. These simple crafting activities help to develop fine motor skills and ability to concentrate.

The book begins with the pages for sticking the animals in. In the second part are the pages with the motifs for cutting out. To make it easier to detach them, these pages are perforated. Short, droll rhymes accompany the pictures. At the end, the little 'cutting artists' will have created 14 pretty pictures and acquired their scissors skill certificate.

• With scissors skill certificate and perforated pages for easy detaching

• Helps to develop fine motor skills and concentration

• Cut out, stick on, colour in – creative fun for children aged 3+


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