"Then It Must Be Psychosomatic!"

When the body and psyche are sending help signals while the doctors find nothing

Original Title: "Dann ist das wohl psychosomatisch!"

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Date of publication: October 5, 2020
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Dr. med. Alexander  Kugelstadt - "Then It Must Be Psychosomatic!"


The guide for a successful psychotherapeutic treatment

Sometimes our thoughts just won't stop when we want to sleep. Or the stomach rebels when work needs to be done. Some people are certain they have a fatal heart condition, yet they consider medical tests that show no problems to be actual confirmation that something has been overlooked. Others suffer from severe migraine, and when doctors can't find the cause they say it is merely "psychosomatic". For many people, this is the prime diagnosis for anxiety, because at this point, often after a long odyssey through many medical examination rooms, the limits of standard medicine seems to have been reached.

Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy start precisely with the interface of body and psyche. Thinking, feeling, and acting are much more closely connected to the body's functions than has long been assumed. This book brings together the primary psychological and physical needs of the human being in an easy-to-understand way, and it will be of great use in healing when most treatments have not been of benefit.

• Symptoms throughout the body and their psychological causes

• The first extensive popular text on psychosomatic medicine

"The positive message of this book is that there is a way out of conditions that are unable to be diagnosed as having physical causes."

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