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Emiliano Bugatti, Jale N. Erzen

Carlo Scarpa

The Complete Buildings

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Featuring exquisite photographs of every structure the architect designed from scratch or incorporated into a historical building, this elegant volume is as sumptuous and inviting as a Scarpa interior.

Although he was not widely known during his lifetime, Carlo Scarpa has in the past-half century become one of the most revered of modern architects. His passion for integrating the ancient with the modern, the natural with the built environment, and the sensual qualities of glass, wood and stone, makes him the perfect architect for this moment, when the preservation of historic buildings and sensitivity to environmental impact is of supreme importance. As authoritative as it is attractive, this book features balanced introduction to Scarpa’s work, weighing the opinions of both champions and critics of his work. More than 200 photographs and their accompanying illuminating texts capture the astounding beauty of Scarpa’s designs, allowing readers to experience the interplay of light, texture and line in a way that is second only to viewing the works in person. Arguably the most definitive volume available on this consummate craftsman and artist, this book explores Scarpa’s lasting legacy of meticulous craftsmanship, respect for tradition, and a deep understanding of the relationship between architecture, nature, and human experience.

Mit Fotos von Cemal Emden
Hardcover (engl.), Pappband, 352 Seiten, 21,6 x 32,4 cm, 280 farbige Abbildungen
ISBN: 978-3-7913-7714-8
Erschienen am  13. April 2024
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The Complete Scarpa - A Feast for the Eye

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The architecture of Carlo Scarpa isn’t one that reveals itself at only one glance. Instead it takes patience, attention and a sense for atmospheres, textures and materials to fully grasp the ingenuity of his works. Much of it can be attributed to his upbringing in Venice: the rich architectural and art history of the city instilled in him a natural sensibility for the combination of artistry, craft and construction as is e.g. present in the Byzantine and Baroque architecture in Venice where ornament, colors and light create unique spatial experiences. Scarpa, a modern Venetian nevertheless, translated this heritage into a modern architecture that bridged past and present without nostalgia. With poetic attention to detail he composed his designs in a process of continuous elaboration to make sure every detail was spot-on, a process that often accounted for long construction periods. In a new account of Scarpa’s built works Emiliano Bugatti, Jale N. Erzen and photographer Cemal Emden provide a beautifully illustrated tribute to the Venetian master: „Carlo Scarpa - The Complete Buildings“, recently published by Prestel, chronologically presents a total of 54 buildings Scarpa saw through from project to completion. Proceeding from the Aula Mario Baratto of Ca’ Foscari University in Venice Emden in both general and detail views documents the immense quality of Scarpa’s architecture. Although plans are not included the book nonetheless captivates the reader by conveying the atmosphere and many-faceted materiality of each building. Some details even appear as works of art in their own right. Emden’s photographs receive further context in Jale N. Erzen’s essay about the architect, appropriately titled „Carlo Scarpa’s World: Beauty and Meaning“: Erzen emphatically follows Scarpa’s development as architect, adds biographical details and also discusses the influence of Japan and poetry on his conception of architecture. „Carlo Scarpa - The Complete Buildings” is a great addition to the catalogue of Scarpa literature and an emphatic portrait of the architect’s oeuvre. Highly recommended!

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Emiliano Bugatti

Emiliano Bugatti writes about the architecture and urbanism of Eastern and Southern Mediterranean Basin, from the early modern period to the modernization of the 19th and 20th centuries. In 2010, with the TEGET architectural firm in Istanbul he won the Izmir Opera house competition.

Jale N. Erzen is a painter and art historian. She was formerly president of the International Association for Aesthetics and editor of the Turkish art journal Boyut. She was a recipient of the French Ministry of Culture’s Art and Letter Medal and has written on architecture for Turkish and international publications including Architect Sinan: An Aesthetic Analysis.

Cemal Emden is an architect who specializes in photographing architecture, interior design, landscape and furniture. His photography has been widely published in magazines, books and exhibitions both in his home country of Turkey and throughout the world. His previous books include Le Courbusier: The Complete Buildings (Prestel, 2017) and The Essential Louis Kahn (Prestel, 2021).

Zum Autor

Cemal Emden

Cemal Emden is a Turkish-based architect and photographer. His photographs have appeared in numerous books and exhibitions. He is the author of »Le Corbusier: The Complete Buildings« (by Prestel).

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